All I needs is one chance to build up 

my community

All I need is one opportunity to raise blind minds

To conscious unity,

Breaking down barriers where others want me


Creating new foundations with my mind and reflect 

It so others will respect it

Making my presence felt where some want me


For that to be done in the time span of a moment

All I need is one

All I need is one spark to ignite so that I can

Be a candle to closed eyes and become light,

A purpose to fulfill those others may not believe

And some give up because they can’t see the vision

I pursue to accomplish with all my might, 

Give one person I can help to deliverance

So I can be delivered

One breath to breathe into dead and give them life, 

When their heart is withered,

One day to let the world hear the good words from

God that I have to say

When my pen is put down and the speaker box

On my soul has pressed and if I may,

One positive role in this grand scheme of things

That I can portray

All I need is one sight that is not sore to my eyes

One gaze into the realms of heaven through the

Blueness of the skies,

One teardrop to fall filled with joy

Even though my face cries

One tongue that speaks no lies and a mouth

That doesn’t say things I despise

So much one person may come to

Recognize before their eternity has begun,

You eventually find that every minute you spend 

in the race of living trying to grab a million

brushes to paint your self identities on the

canvas of creation finally you learn all I need

is one.

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