Mark Giles

By: Mark Giles (God’s Gifted 1)

History is something that cannot and will not ever lose its value or worth. It is something that is of so great importance that the knowing of it in its true identity can make the difference between you building your dreams and you also watching the dreams of a whole nation held back.

History is a seed planter and a developer of mind sets and attitudes also personalities in a people we have argued as African Americans that not only have we been improperly informed of our history in America but also that we have not been properly acknowledged for all of our contributions in history.  History is made every day on some scale, especially here in America but what seeds are we planting through the history that is being made because behind the present history is a future history that will determine how everything else progresses after the fat when that seed begins to grow and bear fruit.  Some history can be seen as being too harmful or traumatic for some but the fact remains that even in traumatic things there is something to learn that can avoid the future of the same or similar traumatic situations being repeated whether they are considered socially acceptable or not because you never know the harm that you might be doing in withholding that information from those in present and future that can benefit from that information.

This project dealing with the lynching victims and their cases is very necessary to be known because of the history dealing with racism and bias that caused those traumatic situations to transpire. We are living in an era where once again the bubble of hatred has begun to burst on our American society bringing with it traumatic outcomes that are literally rocking our country off balance.  This comes from certain parts of history being unaddressed, altered and forgotten. We, as Americans, have been sending our history through sifting process trying to weed it down to the parts we are comfortable with avoiding the truth of the more grittier segments of it and that is unacceptable. In order to have a brighter day of growth then the truth of what was and is must be accepted, acknowledged and discussed regardless of how it looks because history is like art and a small child. The beauty of it will always rest in the eye of the beholder and mishandling and improper care of it can either result in its spirit dying or growing into a nightmare. History is truly a seed and what we plant in it today, our future will make us reap tomorrow.



“Old Ghosts”


The lightning strikes,

and the wind blows,

The night has fallen as the

moonlight shines to

bear witness to the

rising of their old souls.

The howls billowing from

their throats carry to

my ears by the breeze,

those once alive and now

long dead because of twine

tied around the head of

their black bodies hanging

from the trees

the shuffle of the deceased

horrible, tortured, beaten

into a death that bears

no peace, the hosts

cannot and will not sleep

until the crimes which

caused their casualties

cease. Their eyes glow

with the power of afterlife

their spirits raised in

resurrection, bloated faces

that bear no smile

broken necks and wounds

that were filled with sad

confessions written by rejections

swing low sweet chariot

is the song they sing and

a blood red rose is the

flower they bring

to that old tree and

the rope that swings

and I scream! But not from

fear, but the tragedy I see

as one of the old ones turn

to see my face

and whispers this

into my mind: it said if

history is not changed

you will be me.

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