Not Tonight

Not Tonight

A long time ago everyone asleep for the night with the moon shining bright, somewhere around the middle of the night I heard the sound of shouting that made me inquire. Seeing the amazing thought compelled me to stare.

People on Horses dressed in white sheets holding flaming sticks. I saw a giant cross burning bright all alight, captivated by the strange sight and too amazed to become afright. Through the window I could only stare.

From under the hoods I heard the sound, we are the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and looking for a cowardly darky that took flight. I’m the Grand Wizard over this fine established group. So send out the coward that’s taken flight.

My grandpa always said, “They don’t bury the scared they bury the dead.” A serious quote meant a serious problem, and a sad tomorrow with tears that appear among the smiling screaming and crying because of pain and sadness. What’s about to happen this night?

Grandma was right always try to avoid a fight and never focus on who’s wrong, focus on what you can do and make it right. I’m looking at this ghostly sight that has our yard so bright with hooded white men waiting on a fight. Okay Grandma make this right.

Grandma. Not tonight. I know that’s you hangtime, just take your friends and go on about your ways. You hears me, my family and me haven’t seen nobody, so gos on about your ways and let people be. We be free and time a changing, this no place for hanging.


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