Black Beautiful Me

Black Me

Black beautiful me,

      uneducated to cultivate your very existence,

            strung up to test the strength 

                  of your tree limbs

     mis-educated in the classroom

         and displayed as grime beneath

               your feet,

       ignorant of your hunger for plunder,

              your need to control

                   whomever you meet,

        a blackberry stain you can’t bleach out,

             another ugly smudge in your history

                   that reveals your

                        backward Christian love for me…

                              black me


A silhouette of a man

     jumping over hurdle after hurdle

          for a seat on your lap

               only to snuggle within a mirage

                    of acceptance,

     held down by economic chains and social shackles

          to keep me on my knees

               at your feet,

                    crippling my will to be,

               indifferent to my self-destructive behavior

          to create a pain to numb the pain

               from being…

                    black me


And when I scream “Fuck your hurdle”

     you shoot me down

          beat me down

               lock me down

     cage, gag and strip me

          only to awaken in me rage that fuels 

               a resilience to do more

                    to be more

     than what you’ve convinced the world

          to expect of me …

               black me.

Your hate will not become mine,

     even as I fight for self-preservation

          amidst the puddles of mud

               you place me, 

     scavenging through the slums

          for the crumbs you scraped at me, 

               that I use to re-create 

          what you destroyed and hid

               from me 

               that which was by me,

          your perception and projections

               of me are not me

                    but merely your terror-stricken

                           fear of me

                                for how you’ve done

                                     for how you’re doing me

                                          constantly doing me…

                                                    beautiful black me.


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