Tuckers Hollow

Tuckers Hollow

My name is Jordan D. and I was born in Terrebonne Parish, LA. I was born on a 2200 acre plantation that raises pigs, sugar cane and crazy people. This place is called Tuckers Hollow and if you were to ask about it, people down that way would warn you NOT to cross onto our property, they would use words like inbred and crazy. 

There are roughly 300 indifferent individuals living on this property with a racial mixture of White, Black and Native American blood running all different directions. My mother was 22 when my grandfather – her father, raped her. Nine months later I was born into the family. I was also born into a Vaudlin Spirituality that breeds on Tuckers Hollow, also known as Voodoo. I am a 33 year old white male. I graduated second in my high school class and attended the university, LSU, where I attained two bachelor’s degrees, one in biology, the other in botany. 

My aunts and uncles knew that I was the inbred product of my grandfather, but never told anyone. For that matter, my mother kept this secret and still does even after him being dead and buried these last 12 years. 

Yes, I killed him; NO I am not remorseful. I walked into a room in his house to find him pants down with my then 4-year-old son. I stabbed him four times; twice in the chest, hitting both lungs and his heart, and twice in the top of the back, again both lungs. 

I was married to a beautiful queen being half Black, half Hispanic. We had two children. My boy Nathan passed away with her in 2016 in a car accident. My daughter, Lily, just turned 12 years old. My wife Vera gave natural birth to both.  My boy Nathan came out a dark chocolate and Lily a powder white.

When I was growing up in Tuckers Hollow the first eleven years of my life, I had no knowledge of race distinction or difference. I never heard anyone slander another individual until I was 13 when we moved up here to Alabama that I realized how rare and strange my upbringing was. I look at everyone the same no matter their skin color. We are all human and humanity matters. I come from an entire family that thinks it’s ok to have children with brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, son, daughter – as long as there are enough hands to cut down the sugar cane and crank the grinding wheel – color don’t matter in my family, just a strong back and working hands.

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