Electoral College


They tell me I should vote
But why would I trust vultures in Representative’s clothes
elusive representations of metaphoric ghost
linguist who bring language as a toast
to southern narratives
literally shifting how we view each others’ literature
Mocking the blind with closed eyes, lies and rhetoric
Our past is a secret that we lose to keep
The question being “will we”
or will we be left behind
behind the wheel, death by time
They may have eyes but they lack vision
They lack the ability to change the way they think
Symptoms of haunted narratives and untold stories
Books of men judged only by the cover
Suppressed, silenced, or smothered
their narratives and dialect adding perspective to persuasive versions of someone’s tRuth
Hands up don’t shoot, tRuth has no version, truth is a virgin unwelcome to strangers
Closed caskets proof of who is truly armed and dangerous
We view black youth as criminal
While Criminals On Payrolls become the new acronym for C.O.P.
Cops who make us endangered species
Someone please speak
it may be wishful thinking but maybe it’s all in the language
Black lives Matter but only in death are we Famous

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