No Comparison

No Comparison

I recently read a quote which stated: “Comparison is the root of all feelings of inferiority.” I found myself questioning my state of mind concerning my dreams, aspirations, goals and God-given talents. Have I ever sold myself short, rationalizing that I’m too old or not old enough? Maybe, I told myself, this prison environment limits me. Have I ever felt defeated before I faced the challenge? Did I tell myself I lacked the skill or physical fitness to be successful?

The truth is, often times, instead of doing what we are called to do, the world has given us a competitive based mind state that leaves us feeling inferior.  We find ourselves comparing our self to the world’s measuring stick. We say things like, “if I’m not good enough to be the best in this area, then maybe this area is not good for me.” The moment we do this, we cut our calling short. 

Imagine if Moses had heard God’s voice when called to challenge Pharoah. What if he tuned God out after responding how he wasn’t as good of a speaker, if compared to his brother? His calling would have been cut short, not because he lacked the potential to speak, but simply because he felt inferior.

We each have a calling.  Sometimes the voice is still and silent.  Sometimes the voice is loud and thunderous. It can come from a friend, family, significant other, teacher, book or even a random social media post. The question is what you do when you hear “Good Orderly Direction” (G.O.D)? My suggestion is that you follow directions and never allow negative self-talk to influence you into comparing yourself to the point you feel inferior and cut your calling short . . .Answer!

Answer each and every time you are called to do the right thing, because when it comes to you . . . there is “No Comparison”!


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