Hello everybody.

How are you? Fine, I pray. Myself, as well as can be expected. This has been very stressful on me. I’m feeling better because I woke up on top of the ground and not under it. That’s when I realized I was alive and had a chance to see another day.  I must say I was surprised. Surprise is a word that describes a feeling. I think it is, anyway. A feeling is how a lot of people describe LOVE. 

To me, love is something that has a lot of precious cargo with it. It brings happiness. If you love someone you want to see them happy. If you have a pet, you spoil it with love and you keep it happy. I’m going to stick to people right now or I will begin to stray from the point I’m trying to make. 

Love brings laughter. You know that when you are with the one you love, you love the sound of their laughter. So you try to make them do it as often as possible.

I’m not going to mention how it feels to wake up to their smiling face and beautiful eyes staring at you as you open yours. Love brings smiles that can make it hard to breathe sometimes. 

Love brings honor. When you love someone, you honor them by doing everything you can to show that you love them and are proud to be able to share their love.

Love brings respect. You love them so you respect them for being the One that you give your love to and for trusting you with theirs. 

Trust also comes with love. It’s very simple. If you trust someone you love them, and if you love someone you trust them.

It brings security. You know you are safe when you are with the one you love. That’s why we share words and deeds when we are alone with them.

It brings admiration. You admire the one you love. So, you show them by making them feel as though they are the only person in your world that matters to you. Love makes you do that.

It brings comfort. When you love someone and things aren’t going right for them, you do everything you can to comfort them and let them know we can and will get through this together. That goes back to security and ties into dependability. You show them that they can depend on you to be there for them. Trust comes into play, too. 

It does have a small smidgen of pain. You miss them so bad at times when they aren’t with you. Sometimes they might be at work or away for a while. You want to hear their laughter, smile, smell, touch or just want to feel their weight on the bed.

Back to the good parts of love. It just makes you feel good. It even makes things better, such as food. The one you love might not be the best cook but it tastes food to you.  Even the flowers they plant; they look and smell better than others.

Love is the best thing you can have. If we had more of it, the world would be a better place. I know people love different things. I look at it like this. If the person you love doesn’t respect, honor, admire, cherish, make you feel good about it and yourself, make you feel secure, trustworthy or trustful of them, make you smile, laugh and excited to be with them or it, it’s not LOVE.

Love starts within. Find one thing you like about someone or something land before you know it you will be in 






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