Ra-Ka Avis

Ra-Ka Avis

(Infinitesimal god-nature in transmigration)

Shaking, cold. Water dripped clothes. Didn’t want to come out in this weather; monsoon like rain and certainly would have remained inside comfortably warm and dry.  Damn these hunger pains.

There were practically no food products in anyone’s possession because neither the canteen nor the snake line opened in over a week, so nearly everyone went to the kitchen. DOC has hand metal detectors in an attempt to prevent inmates carrying knives. A good thing, too. These inexcusable lengthy food lines are filled with aggravations and high levels of tension. Physical violence, i.e., life-endangering attacks with weapons, have become the norm. 

This day, I waited in the food line, seeing the men doing what they were doing. The mental formation evolving before me was repulsive. These sentient creatures, the highest beings imaginable, should radiate their divine nature, which is the life of life. Yet the dull-empty glow of their auras emit blind rage; existing as well as creatures of hopelessness and destructive self-hate. Rather than bringing light to environments – as their nature requires, they pollute any area with their self-hatred and cause high level abuses of their creative-divine authority. They abandoned LOVE and became the children under subjection to those addictive pleasures of their own desires.

My vision roaming the dining area as men eagerly devouring their meals a strange sense of sadness floods the inner chambers of my soul. These men, once young, healthy and filled with enthusiastic hopes of a brighter future upon entering here for a period of correction and self-development in the State’s name are now bent backs, wheelchairs and wobbly walkers subdued by the degenerating effects of aging, no longer entertaining hopes of being free. Suddenly I am aware that I must appear the same. Those aged broken-down under the hardships creatures – they are me. 

The level of hopelessness is seen in their faces. That unimagined hollow-eyed empty stare of the exigent beings are now reality’s playthings. 

Such heavy burden we carry, where moments of peace are found in dreams of youthful years. This is our mental refuge from the horrors of our Being – to live in the present is to embrace unimaginable nightmares. 

No longer is hell some place in the corner of one’s imagination, but a reality the Alabama prison system uses to replace their slave plantation. Those finances produced by cotton fields are now generated from prisoner’s family-n-friends exploitation:

Ole-mother your money

Gambled to prison bookies.

Fools murder yo sons,

Over thirty cent cookies. 

Prison horrors exist beyond any imaginable plane, to suffer is a joy because at its most heightened point – insane refuge.

Hell a place to suffer punishment

For all time – the ADOC

Stole and perfected the design

For me and my kind. 

To prevail in such torment is so hard, for such, death seems a sweet reward. Looking back over life, those youthful character behavioral years which produce the man, all mine were under jurisdictional guidance of the Alabama Reformatory. So let those with spiritual hearing hear my story as evolving from ADOC his-story.

Tears fill my eyes, heart overflowing in remorse, came from afar divinely guided vessels – their cups full of loving kindness, gently redirecting my life’s course.

Lovingly turning, leading ways

From night’s darkest mess

Life’s pains radiate joyful days

Visions calls of the Blessed

Still in those deep chambers and inner corridors large, empty place – brings my soul to LOVE Divine; 

Oh, Divine Love let your will

Arise, fill that lonely space, 

Oh, the cries of soul echoes

For Love’s Divine Embrace

I don’t know, if ever I’m released

But Divine LOVE has set ME free

Divine LOVE set my spirit free.

Now do pardon me if you perceive some dramatic fate, that just not the point – period! My purpose comes from above. My story’s simple:

A child product of State

Saved by the Spirit of LOVE.

Now my life’s Ra-Ka Avis has revealed itself to be: All those I meet are aging stages of ME. 

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