My Lying Eyes – NEW!

My Lying Eyes

My eyes are old and have begun lying to me. I watch TV and I see black men and women being shot and killed by the police daily.  They are charged with the crime of killing these people but they are found not guilty. I discover to my horror that my eyes have lied to me. Why my eyes do that, I do not know. Maybe one day I will find out.

They lied to me about so many videos of young blacks being shot by police that it’s sad. I know the police didn’t kill all those people. If they did, they would be in prison.

I watched the video of the murder of George Floyd so many times I knew my eyes were telling me the truth. Don’t get mad at me but I was shocked that the officer was found guilty. Like most of America I thought he would be found not guilty like all the others. America be not deceived – finding one officer guilty is not going to stop the problem. It just puts the thought in our minds that it’s not going to happen again.  It will, as long as the thought pattern continues that black men are animals, it will continue to happen.  As long as the media portrays us this way we will continue to die at the hands of police. As long as we are portrayed as big hulking gun toting drug dealers in movies and TV shows it will continue to happen. As long as so called gangster rappers continue to rap about guns with extenders and robbing people for bricks, how many Dracos they have, how many holes they will put in you while driving their foreign cars dressed in the latest high fashion gear it will continue to happen.  Please wake up. Mainstream American is making us a target and we are helping them when we commit senseless crimes of violence against each other. 

I know everyone is not going to like this, but we have to make our eyes stop lying to us. I’m from Bessemer and I’m scared to go back there if I get out of prison. There were 17 murders in Bessemer in 2020. There are 11 already in 2021. Why? Don’t you realize that once you kill someone they don’t come back – it’s over. You will be told land and you will go to prison. Here’s something you don’t know: your family goes with you. Your family misses you just like the person killed’s family misses them. The only difference is they can come visit you once a month. That’s only if COVID restrictions are lifted. Before you pull that trigger, think of this. Do you have the power to bring someone back to life? No, you don’t. Can you prevent it? Maybe. How? By not putting yourself in positions to have to kill in the first place. It’s so simple. Stay out of places where you need a gun and away from people that feel as though they do. If you are doing anything that causes you to need a gun for protection outside of your home, stop doing it. Don’t look for reasons to kill or be killed. Please don’t be on the news as a victim or assailant. You lose either way. 

Enjoy your life and above all be careful. Remember that traffic stops can be deadly so drive carefully and if you are stopped, don’t give officers a reason to tase you or shoot you. I would rather be embarrassed or inconvenienced than killed. 

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