Your support helps the Jefferson County Memorial Project tell a difficult but critical aspect of our history that has yet to be fully told. 

Donations from the community, at all levels, ensure that we can thoughtfully and effectively engage the public through our work to research, educate, place, and advocate.

Please consider becoming a partner in our efforts. Contributions can be made through Greater Birmingham Ministries, JCMP’s parent organization.

Online contributions can be made by clicking donate above.

If you would like to make a contribution by mail, please make your check out to Greater Birmingham Ministries, with JCMP noted in the memo line.

The mailing address is:

JCMP c/o Greater Birmingham Ministries

2304 12th Ave N

Birmingham, AL 35234

Please make your check out to Greater Birmingham Ministries, with JCMP noted on the memo line.


Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) is a multi-faith, multi-racial organization that provides emergency services for people in need and engages the poor and the non-poor in systemic change efforts to build a strong, supportive, engaged community and pursue a more just society for all people. Greater Birmingham Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit organization; all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Our work would not be possible without the additional generous support of the following individuals.

Keith and Dalia Abrams

Harold L. Abroms

Landon Acriche

Hannah Alexander

Gail Andrews

Anne and Mike Warren Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

 Anonymous in honor of Abby Schneider

Kay Argo

Connie Arnwine

Stephanie Banks

Joellyn Beckham

David Blake

Katherine and Peggy Vandergrift Bland

Mary Boehm

Graham Boettcher

Janet Bronstein

Houston and Betty Brown

Harold Buford-Clark

William Burns

Judge Scott and Dr. Cameron Vowell

James Carpenter

Alleen Cater

Amy Chauvin

Jason and Megan Cheek

Lindsey and Lewis Chitwood

City Church Midtown

Carol Clarke

Jennifer Cloe

 Cohen Carnaggio Reynolds

Brooke Coleman

Billy Connelley

Ralph and Charlsie Cook

Susan Cook

Caryn and Steven Corenblum

Fred and Denise Cypress

Bob and Janet Daniel

Jamie Davenport

LaJuana Davis

Chinara Dosse

Rebecca Cheney Drake

LaJuana Davis

Russell Drake

Suzanne Durham

Fred Elliott

Dana Ellis

Ellen F. Elsas

Lisa and Alan Engel

Dylan and Austin Senseman Ferniany

Elise Ferrer

Karen Fowler

 Friends of Felicia Stewart

Lee Gaston

Denise Gilmore

Rob Ginter

Nancy L. Goldberg

Edward Goldfluss

Edward and Randi Gilinson Goldfluss

Susan and Steve Greene

Kent and Andrea Haines

Judy Hand-Truitt

Stan and Marcia Hart

Wyatt and Susan Haskell

Elias and Gaynell Hendricks

Ronne and Donald Hess

Mollie Hester

Victoria Hollis

Mary Hubbard

Stephanie Hunter-Cook

Rachael Inman

Roger and Linda James

Mary Johnson-Butterworth

Julia Juarez

Campbell Kelly

Ms. Tara M. King

Rupa Kitchens

James Kling

Kay Knowlton

Connie Kohler

Ingrid Kraus

Mary Hulse Krebs

James and Sheri Krell

Lawrence Lamb

Winston C. Lancaster

Louise Langheier

Joshua Lay

Barbara Lee

Anna Juliet Lennon

Sam Levatich

Emily Levine

Tondra Loder-Jackson

Kem Marks Bryant

Michael and Suzanne Martin

Tiffany Martin

Edgar Marx

Olivia Matherne

Carol Maxwell

Emily McGowin

Christine McLean

Frank and Louise McPhillips

Alex Melonas

Dottie Mitchell

Jane and Ann Atkinson Mobley

David Morris

Eric L. Murray

Kate and Claude Nielsen

Jean & Carolyn Sherer O’Neal

April Odom

Melissa Rev. & The Honorable Bentley Patrick

Suzanne Payne

Emily Penfield

Gary Purdy

Kristy Rather

Amelie Ratliff

Sally Reilly

Kristin and Thomas Rezek Rezek

Sonja Rieger

Jamorris Rivers

Sheri L. Robinson

Carol Rogers

 Rushing Family Fund

Amy and Michael Saag

Steffanie Sabbaj

Arjan Saraon

Abigail Schneider

David W. Scott

Catie Scull

Wade and Jean Seibert

Judith Seitel

Janet L. Sharpe

Dorothy Shaw

  1. Gates and Margot Shaw

Joyce and Maury Shevin

Susan Shields

Matthew Smith

Bruce and Carleton Sokol

James Sokol

James and Lydia Cheney Sokol

Jeffrey and Jennifer Sokol

Fred and Ellen Spencer

Camille Spratling

Laura Steele

Beth Stewart

Genie and George Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Daniel Teehan

Art Tipton

Michael Towner

Lynne Trench

Rodney Tucker

Joseph Ujobai

Libba and Brooks Vaughan

Ned and Maureen Voorhees

Sarah Ward

Elaine Whitaker

Carla Jean Whitley

John Whitman

Michele Williams

Dale Wisely

Carlton Wood

Angela Wright

David Ytterberg

The Jefferson County Memorial Project is deeply grateful for the support we have received from across the Birmingham community.

Alabama Power Foundation

Birmingham Bakers

 Birmingham Bar Foundation

 Birmingham Jewish Foundation

 Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

 Daniel Foundation of Alabama

 Hugh Kaul Foundation

 Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation

 JLB Beeson Community Fund Grant

 Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation

Representative Neil Rafferty

 Ratliff Charitable Foundation

 Regions Bank

 Rhoden/Kontomitras Fund

 Robert R. Meyer Foundation

 Samford University

 Thank You Books

The Regenerate Society, Inc.

 The Women’s Network of Birmingham

Vulcan Materials Company Foundation

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