Past and Present

Past and Present

Who won the Human Race? Can you stand the truth? Trusting in the wrong people and the price is pain even death. One day the Sun will rise, until then remember survival is key. Keep on moving don’t stop, looking back is madness ask Lot about his wife. Never forget and obey the rules. 

Going back to Africa? How can I? Massa got the address. One day the time will come, stay ready. Do anybody remember the way back to Africa? Which way is Africa? East across the Atlantic Ocean. Can I use the Highway my forefathers told me to stay off boats. Nobody comes back.

Trust in the wrong people and the price is freedom even death. Hanging, Drowning, Burning or would you like to play with the Dogs maybe fed to the Hogs. Forever removed. Is society made the better? Or less populated. Ask Nat Turner Murder them, Murder him Crucified job well done justified. 

Avoiding the lies and denying history confessing truths. Will the truths set you free? Can you stand the truths? Who always say, “It’s all in the past, let it go.”  “Why do you people always want to remember that?” “You’re free Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.” The Hueman is no longer under attack. I think? 

Education or miseducation, accepted or unaccepted? Beware it all comes with a price always remember the past and the hopeful and the hopelessness. I’ve seen the broken bones, broken backs, broken wills and the broken spirited. Brokeness everywhere. The sadness cuts me deep down in my Soul.

What can match the grief of a Mother that lost a child? Have you heard that scream?  A tone that cuts into your very soul unnerving you on the spot your heart skips a beat. Natural or unnatural? The most devastating sight you’ll see anyone go through. I remember forget it, it’s in the past.

God said let us make man in our image and in his image he created them. Male and Females he created them. One Hueman Race. Tell me why the hate and the division. Is the saying therefore true Adam and Even is not the Mother and father of the Hueman Race. 

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