Lynching:  to EXECUTE without due process of law.

Thousands of black people meaning men, women and children have been lynched in the USA since the first African set foot on US soil. It will continue until the last one leaves.

Lynching is still here and alive. It takes on different forms. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Lynch Law: The punishment of persons suspected of crime without due process of law. This form of justice was brought about by one William Lynch.

You also have social and familial lynching: The death of all or a vast majority of social and familial connections, thereby causing the slow culture breakdown of families, which leads to mentally immature young men and women committing horrible crimes and unspeakable acts due to a lack of guidance.  

This lack of guidance in most cases was caused by judicial lynching, which is the giving out of harsh sentences for crimes that don’t warrant the type of sentence given out. This type of lynching only affects blacks, Latinos and poor whites here in America.

This leads to mass incarceration which can be, and is, a financial boon for whichever poor rural area a prison is built in and the companies that supply this prison with subpar high-priced snacks and other things to sell to inmates whose family struggles hard to purchase them for the inmate. The prisons also supply jobs and contribute to the local economy by prison employees shopping in stores that are close to the prison. They also support other activities that occur in communities where prisons are built. While this is a good for those communities, mass incarceration hurts more people than it helps. Laws need to be made to slow down mass incarceration. It will never be stopped so just slow it. Start by electing new lawmakers. The old ones can’t or won’t do it. If your loved one lies or cheats on you, it hurts you. Sometimes you divorce or never trust them again. Why not do the same with politicians? Just like politicians of the past thought lynching was the solution for all crime, real and perceived (Emmett Till, for example) politicians today think mass incarceration is the answer and that’s why I know that mass incarceration is a form of lynching.

Just as you are taken from your family and friends when you are lynched it’s the same way when you are taken from your family and friends and things you love and hold dear and given a sentence of life without parole. You have been socially lynched and are socially dead, deemed no longer fit for society be you guilty or innocent. 

People who were lynched in the past had no voices or help. Today we do, so use that help for whatever your situation may be. Remember the past, live in the present and look to the future.

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