The 13th Amendment made us all

Potential slaves to the system

This demon we call government is slick

Don’t chu miss them

He’s shrewd in all his actions

Misdirects with his words

Makes promises he don’t keep

And say that’s not what you heard

Giving visions of better living but it’s

Only for him

When it comes to the people

Ain’t no real affection for them

That’s why it’s easy to shoot your kids

And watch them die in the streets

Lock up the fathers

So they can make the cycle repeat

Filling up on human suffering 

Like we all you can eat

And over our pain they ain’t losing

No sleep

You can’t convince me

Because you’re behind all of the plots

The wars in different countries

And the innocents shot

And all the black man wanted was

A little freedom

But look what the cost be

While you’re discussing all our lives

Over donuts and coffee

They devised economical schemes 

To push blacks to the streets

Then hit us with tricky laws

And sweep us straight off our feet

We land inside the system

We placed in a tomb

Within the belly of a beast

That only knows to consume

It devours us like we food

We grow like we crops

Then harvest us for money

That they get off the stocks

But these the ones

That lock us up for stealing nickels and dimes

But their hands in cookie jars stealing

Mills at a time

But as long as they ain’t caught

I guess that it’s cool

Cause prison is only built for societies’ fool

But they breaking laws too

Just with secretive hands

 And these the leaders you got giving us

The laws of the land

They tell you game like all prisoners

Are monsters in fact

So they can get you off our side 

and they can fill up their racks

but the truth some guys in here

need to be free

cause God truly helped them change

Plus they earned a degree

But it’s hard for you to see forest trees

Yeah the media is on their side

So that’s not what you see

So they keeping your family members

Till they’re old and they die

Because they caught them making

Mistakes against a government lie.


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