Have you seen our murals through Jefferson County?

Welcome to Jefferson County Memorial Project


We are a grassroots coalition composed of more than 35 community partners and a multi-racial, multi-faith, multi-sector, and multi-generational group of committed volunteers.

We’ve created a space to discuss our county’s history of racial violence and how to move forward together. By exploring our common past, we can ensure a brighter future for our community. Click here to learn more.

Here are five actions you can take to get involved:

1. Visit the Memorial

In 2018, the Equal Justice Initiative opened the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, dedicated to African American victims of racial terror lynchings. JCMP has been working to retrieve the Jefferson County monument and facilitate a local reckoning.

2. Learn the History

The history of racial terror lynchings remains absent from Jefferson County’s prevailing historical record, unaddressed in written histories, school lessons, and the landscape of Jefferson County itself. Read the JCMP Fellow Reports to hear the story of each of Jefferson County’s lynching victims.

3. Attend an Event

Join us for upcoming events, in-person and virtual. Visit this link to stay updated and learn about upcoming book discussions and the monthly “My Story” speaker series. Many of our past events were also held virtually and recorded for easy-viewing.

4. Start a Discussion

View our recommended reading list for a collection of books we have read through our county-wide book discussions. We provide a book group handout as a tool to start a discussion with friends and family.

5. Advocate for incarcerated voices

To address racial injustice that exists today, JCMP is working closely with students at Donaldson Correctional Facility and expanding their access to education. Dive a little deeper and check out our Incarcerated Voices blog and podcast.

In 2021, FHI 360’s Social Marketing and Communication department launched the communication campaign, Voices of Truth, in partnership with the Jefferson County Memorial Project and Kids in Birmingham 1963. The campaign engages residents of Jefferson County, Alabama in cross-race dialogue about the county’s history of racial violence, as a pathway toward truth and reconciliation.

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