Once Upon a Time – NEW!

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, long long long, not so long ago
Fed by shed and fields, toils of the deal, seed both bred and flawed.
Created histories of the morrow
Melodic canticle of the sorrow
To the victor goes the spoils
Defeated domicile, empty hollow

Eternal source of pride, dignity defined, why confide
Footprints of struggle, imprint shoes I wear b???ed
Is it easier to hide from the shame?
Instead to face it – dare to grow!
Can we put away the past?
Discount today of mighty woe!

Oh error of my ways, forefathers of my days, cast shade upon my name –
Absorb the endless drain – bear the torrid rain.
Thick within the core of me, that blessed DNA
Thick beyond the air between the words which we say
Thick upon the consciousness and knees on which we pray
Thick and hard and long ago oh struggles of today.

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