Alecio Randle

By: Mr. Alecio Randle


Only if they knew my weakness, For my strength I was chosen.

My sap bleeds tears silently, each memory frozen.

Decades song singing, my rings tell the story

This heavy weight that I have, sorrows are my glory

Whispers on the wind, echoes of my shame

Mother earth my sister part, only knows my pain





Beneath the scope of hope, everlasting pain.

Echoes of the aches, swinging ropes, raging flames.

Gone but not forgotten never healing wounds.

This everlasting pain, plays an endless tune.

Parallel living, ruled by the fear.

Better him than me, until remembered here.

All white attire, plantation cotton.

Castaway, outcast, black sheep begotten.

Blood shed for the sin.

Blood bath for the lesson.

Oppression for the debt.

Investment for the nation.

Is it all about the dollar?

Is it all about the love?

In the name of God, by the powers of…

Glass before the mirror reflections of the same

Less than – equal to – greater than the shame!



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