Helping the faceless, express yourself with a loud voice, screams unheard, what were the last words. Uttered against the powerful addressing the injustice you have no control over, young and old who knew the people without a name, can you call a name? 

Can we put a face on the faceless exposing the unexposed. Hidden by the powerful another side, can you be stopped, you must be stopped before your exposure becomes believable. 

They gave us history and said it was the truth, they gave us the Bible and said it was the word of God, they gave us Jesus and said he was our savior, they said the meek shall inherit the earth but when Jesus was offered the earth he rejected it. 

Select one – which is it – are all men created equal or unequal? Funny, why they burn that cross in our yard we went to church Sunday, strange all the people were dressed in white hooded outfits. They sang and sang we need a nigga to come to our picnic. You’re all invited and can be the main course we can make some deep-fried coon.

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