Deja Vu

Deja Vu

We were kings and queens

You captured us and turned

Us into beggars and peasants

When you brought us to these

Shores. We asked for freedom

And you gave us a whip

To teach us lessons

You conspired how to keep us

Burdened under lies so you could

Hide the wicked truth.

We offered the olive branch to 

You in our hand 

And in return you hung us

From trees and gave us the noose

You raped our women

Impregnated them and turn the child 

Against his own

You tied the men to horses

Stretching them from life to the death

Pulling apart the bone that was the

Back of the black home

You brutalized our spirits and beat out

Its hope

You corrupted our communities with negativity

And infiltrated them with your transported dope

You took away our ability to love

And taught us how to hate

You rearranged the law to catch us up

And legally enslave us for even the smallest mistake

You taught our young men to be gangsters and kill each other

For respect and our young girls to be promiscuous and give

Up their souls for whatever they can get

You told me to dumb down and not to speak up

You tell me to back away and let your

Horror show play

Instead of saying enough is enough

I still try to reach for acceptance

With you only to be

Looked at in disgust

You despise me for my strength

You degrade me because of my 


You constantly try to attack me

And put out of the light

So I can be blind

But though you try to destroy 

Everything I build

You may bend but you can

Never break my will

Even when you still try to

Steal my piece of heaven

So you can give me hell

On earth

The law of reaping and 

Sowing is God given

So just keep living

And you will see

My retribution for

All my hurt and 

what’s worse is we

still try to make things

work with 

unity so the future can

live so that peace

can help us

be still regardless

of how you feel and 

the hate you give

you go to bed and 

open your eyes to false

perspectives for

things you do

but I go to sleep 

only to open up

my eyes to 

circumstances of

déjà vu. 


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