Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Our history left us in a mental daze that made us vulnerable to the manipulation which we are seeing here.  It is thought control, where the ruling class controls what the masses think about daily. Besides being ignorant to what is going on, I would have to say the answer lies in “RAW FEAR”. 

My view is why black lives should matter? African Americans have woven the fabric of Americus since the beginning of her start. The real root of the problem is a complete lack of economic opportunity and self-determination, because we are broke and don’t have a job and don’t control the land and resources around us. A related absence of self-respect and dignity in communities has been all but systematically annihilated by hundreds of years of slavery, debt servitude, prison, racism, addiction and brutality. 

The objective of this discussion is not to cry “victim” and seek to excuse those self-destructive characteristics created by slavery.  The objective is to identify the magnitude of the slavery trauma and to suggest the persistence of a post-slavery traumatic stress syndrome, which still affects the African American personality. 

As we look closer at this subject the term “vitriol” comes to remembrance and based around the word, the definition states these characteristics have been the impetus for too many individualistic acts of unnecessary violence. In short, the crippling effects handicap people through utter dehumanization and that his struggle to change his condition is hopeless, is the worst kind of lynching. 

Many modern police forces lie in white supremacy being deputized into posses in order to disrupt social peace and later to “police” the fault lines of race and poverty from the dominant communities. So, by no coincidence, the present era sees laws being passed which are overtly a violation of the 1st Amendment right of this country. 

These vicious acts of sadism led us to the present stage we are at now. But to fully understand our present stage, we must also recognize the emotional and mental damage that was bequeathed to us from our ancestors – which mostly went uncured. 

We need your support from inside the prison gates because we know that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. By expanding the horizons of significant numbers of young and elderly men because of the preponderance of young people (73%) coming to prison and the preponderance of elderly people (23%) are aging out in these ill prepared institutions. 

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